Four Square and Dick Frizzell Team Up to Support Charities

Four Square and New Zealand artist Dick Frizzell have joined forces to produce an artwork print, with all profits of the prints going towards supporting New Zealand charities.

There are three New Zealand charities customers can choose from when they purchase an artwork print – KiwiHarvest, Lifeline and Women’s Refuge.

“Four Square’s DNA is by locals for locals, and we have a responsibility to look after all New Zealanders and our communities, especially during this challenging time,” said Kamran Kazalbash, Head of Marketing and CX for Four Square. “We collaborated with Dick to identify how we could support local charities who are experiencing an increase in demand due to COVID-19.

KiwiHarvest, Lifeline and Women’s Refuge are incredible charities who have a presence in every community across the country. We’re giving customers the option to choose which charity they would like to support so they can have a positive and direct impact on a charitable cause that is close to their heart.”

The artwork print, in true Dick Frizzell style, features Mr. Four Square and his family, reminding New Zealand to stand together in solidarity during an unprecedented time. Mrs. Four Square and their two children are ‘new’ characters and have not been featured widely before. Dick will also personally sign every artwork print.

“Dick’s artistry is synonymous with New Zealand culture, and Four Square has been an integral part of New Zealand culture for almost 96 years,” said Kazalbash. “Supporting one another, especially our most in-need individuals and communities, is the New Zealand way and we’re proud to be able to help in any way we can.”

“Four Square has transcended from being your local supermarket into something much bigger in our cultural narrative,” said Dick Frizzell. “I’ve been painting Mr Four Square for decades, and he’s always been a Kiwiana symbol of nostalgia and local pride. It makes sense to bring him out during this time and remind New Zealanders that once was will be again, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”