Raglan Food Co – Looking Out for One Another

Although business operations are restricted somewhat during the lockdown, Raglan Food Co, formerly Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, continues to meet supermarket demand for its popular dairy-free yoghurt. 

The local business recently employed five new team members prior to the lockdown, taking the total to 29 staff. To support the teams' well-being and health during this challenging time, co-owner Tesh Randall has supplied organic fruit boxes, fresh pressed juices and Vitamin C supplements.

Raglan Food Co is also providing additional special paid leave entitlements for staff working through the lockdown as the business is not eligible for the wage subsidy.

"We are fortunate to be able to still be operational and provide the country with premium dairy alternatives, but we have had to reassess and change some processes and implement new ones to be able to remain open," said Randall.

"During this difficult and challenging time, we wanted to ensure that our team were looked after, both their mental and physical well-being."

Currently, the team at Raglan Food Co are working in split shifts in order to minimise contact, as well as social distancing and contactless deliveries being implemented to meet strict government food production rules.

Its current factory is located in the heart of Raglan's town centre, the business had just begun building a new factory three-times the size at an industrial estate on the outskirts of town, however the build is now on hold. Despite this, the brand has successfully launched a new gourmet range as well as securing supply of its key ingredient - organically certified coconut cream - prior to lockdown.

Since its inception in 2014, the brand has experienced phenomenal growth and today, Tesh and her partner Seb, are one of Raglan's foremost producers picking up a number of business and product awards along the way, including being named the Sustainability Champion for 2020 by the Outstanding Food Producer Awards.

For more information visit www.raglancoconutyoghurt.co.nz or email tesh@raglancoconutyoghurt.co.nz.