Foxton Fizz – 102 Years of Supply

Working with its key distribution partner to supermarkets, DKSH and with PBT Transport, Foxton Fizz has been able to continue 102 years of supply of our iconic soda drinks.

Established in 1918 and having been loved by generations of kiwis, Foxton Fizz is a genuine slice of kiwiana. Add that to its fun and happy appeal and you have a brand that’s turned to when people seek reminders of the good times.  

In addition to its consumer appeal, Foxton Fizz has moved to 15 x 250ml bottle cartons to meet the needs of stockists. The smaller carton allows all six flavours (Creaming Soda, Raspberry, Kola, Lime, Lemonade and Cocktail) to be stocked with less investment and space required to store.

Foxton Fizz is open, processing orders and ready so supply your store.

For more information contact, or call Matt on 027 299 6646.