FSSI Recalls Raw Sugar

Foodstuffs South Island Ltd is conducting a recall of raw sugar from its South Island stores which may be contaminated with low levels of lead.

The sugar was subject to a previous recall and Foodstuffs South Island Ltd released it in error. The company is undertaking a review of its processes to ensure it doesn't happen again, says New Zealand Food Safety (NZFS) Deputy Director-General Vincent Arbuckle.

"An NZFS expert science assessment, which was independently peer-reviewed, found the immediate food safety risk from the sugar was low.

"At the levels of lead detected someone would need to consume the contaminated product over a long period of time for it to be a concern.

"Foodstuffs South Island Ltd advises that about 1200 packages of sugar were released to shelves, and about 1000 were sold. The company has apologised for the error."

The recall affects 500g packets of Chelsea brand Raw Sugar sold at Four Square, New World, and Pak’nSave supermarkets throughout the South Island.

More information, including pictures and batch numbers, is available on the NZSF website.

Recall of various brands of Raw and Brown Sugar

"If you have an affected product do not use it, please dispose or return to place of purchase.

"As always, anyone with concerns for their health should contact their doctor for advice. However, any risk associated with this product is low."