Introducing Otis Oat M!lk. Made with nutritious oats grown in the South Island of New Zealand, Otis is a New Zealand’s first domestic oat milk company. The Otis team have successfully completed an on-trade launch into NZ's top cafes throughout Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown. “We started Otis with one clear purpose, to play a part in elevating the conversation about the need for New Zealand to diversify its agriculture sector, away from our economic dependence on dairy and toward a more sustainable plant-based future,” said founder, Tim Ryan. “We hope Otis can play a small part in continuing the debate about how NZ can steer toward being a world leader in plant-based food production.” Focused on minimising the brand’s environmental impact, the duo is also pushing for a more sustainable packaging solution for its product. Otis have just successfully taken on investment and will build NZ's first plant-based food and beverage facility, able to output 20 million litres of milk per year, coming online late 2020. The factory will output a 1-litre supermarket shelf variant, as well as the cafe on trade option. "We are incredibly excited and hungry for what this company has to come in the next year, we were just announced as NZ Food Awards finalists too so the futures looking oatey!" For more information contact tim@otisoatmilk.co.nz