A group of three New York-based entrepreneurs developed gluten-free Matcha Bear gummies that are both fun and functional.

Co-founder Adam Dadi found several retailers interested in their new product. Amazon, Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters also displayed an interest in the gummies, Dadi did not find this surprising as large companies are seeking to improve consumer health and wellness. The gummies can be used as an everyday supplement for consumers who drink tea and consumers who want a boost of energy.

“We didn’t want to get too pharmaceutical. We wanted it to be more of a fun product. We deliver benefits, but we don’t want it to be Hydroxycut,” said Dadi. “The way that matcha hits you is different from coffee. Your heart doesn’t race, you feel very calm and collected, but you also feel very focused and energised.”

Dadi hopes to expand the product range in the future and potentially create a multivitamin with matcha at the core.