Remedy Good Energy is an energy drink made right. Live cultured and all-natural, it’s hand crafted the same way as all Remedy drinks are, with no sugar, naturally. What’s that? An energy drink that’s actually good for you? That’s right! This brand new fizzy is the world’s first kombucha-based energy drink, containing all the goodness and benefits of kombucha with the added good vibes and good energy buzz of raw green coffee bean extract, green tea and ginseng for a smoother, more enduring real energy kick minus the nasties. Kakadu Plum is a tart and zingy taste with a fresh-as finish. Fruity, floral and a whole lot of fun. While Blackberry is plump and juicy, bursting with goodness. Berry-good indeed. For more information please contact Deva Dhar, NZ country manager at or phone 021 245 2363.