Enjoy a five-star start to the day with a delicious, wholesome and convenient range of new breakfast drinks from Lewis Road.

Lewis Road Creamery Breakfast Drinks in chocolate and vanilla are a nutritionally complete, on-the-go option set to reinvigorate the market. In true Lewis Road fashion, they taste delicious and with no need to be chilled before opening, they are perfect for the school lunch box, gym bag, handbag or desk drawer.

Unlike other breakfast drinks, Lewis Road's are made in New Zealand from premium, all-natural ingredients and proudly display the full five stars of the Health Star Rating.

That is because it is a good source of protein, packed with dietary fibre, contains 11 vitamins and minerals and low GI cane sugar for slow release energy providing all the goodness of an actual meal for any time of day even if it is on-the-go. Packaged in a resealable bottle, they've been designed for ultimate convenience.