The plant-based food movement is one of the fastest growing trends in global food. Veesey is the perfect brand that gives your customers delicious and innovative plant-based offers. The brand began with a desire to provide great tasting dairy-free alternatives to traditional foods, but has rapidly expanded to seek a broader range of exciting plant-based alternatives. The company’s driving purpose is to provide simple, easy and delicious plant-based alternatives to everyday foods that consumers love. The new launch sees Pesto and Mayonnaise added to the already popular portfolio of dairy-free cheeses in the chiller. Veesey Basil Pesto is sweet and nutty, made with locally grown herbs and is dairy-free. Its egg-free Mayo and Aioli are deliciously thick and creamy making them perfect on sandwiches or for dipping fries or chips in. Veesey products are gluten-free and have no artificial colours or flavours. For more information contact your Bluerock sales representative or call 09 304 0550.