With plastic bags no longer on the cool list, New World has joined forces with TVNZ’s Project Runway New Zealand to create a stylish new reusable bag. The bag was created during a challenge on the show which saw contestants create a unique print for a reusable shopping bag.

“New World offers a range of reusable shopping bags that are designed to withstand the fashion cycle. Stylish, practical and durable, our bags are a great accessory wherever you go, season after season. Alongside our commitment to be single-use plastic bag free by the end of 2018, we’re growing our bag collection so even shoppers can get on trend with reusable bags,” said Jen Mariu, New World brand marketing manager.

Winning designer Judy Gao designed a print that featured bold, colourful lines and crisp rosette embellishments that represented summer. “I am so thrilled to have won this challenge and to see my bag design sold in New World. It’s super cool that their reusable bags allow us to be eco-friendly in style, as reducing waste for our planet is such an important issue.”

The bag is crafted using Jutco material, a blend of natural Jute and Cotton and is sourced to the highest ethical standards.