The humble Griffin’s Gingernut has been an iconic pantry staple across hundreds of thousands of Kiwi homes for over 90 years.

With its distinct ginger spice and crunch, the iconic Griffin’s Gingernut is best known for its outstanding dunking credentials.

Most recently awarded with the NZ Food Awards 2019 Product Lifetime Achievement Award – Griffin’s Gingernuts exude personality and iconic Kiwi flare.

Alongside a stellar line-up of other purely Kiwi products, the Griffin’s Gingernut was the inaugural winner of the award.
Coming out on top amongst other New Zealand classics – namely Watties Tomato Sauce and Edmonds Baking Powder – Griffin’s are extremely proud to wear their new honour.

"It was definitely a humbling award to receive," said Tracey Seager, Marketing and Innovation Director of The Griffin’s Food Company.

“What we love is that everyone has a story about Gingernuts and when you work at Griffin’s you hear them all, so we definitely have a place in Kiwis’ hearts."

Judges of the NZ Food Awards, said “the fact that the finalists’ products were still on shelves was proof of the impact of the initial innovation and the ongoing quality control that made them trusted brands”.

Being made in New Zealand was key criteria of the Product Lifetime Achievement Award. The winner was required to be both innovative in its day and strong enough to hold off the challengers over the years.

From humble beginnings in the 1930’s, the Griffin’s Gingernut survived The Great Depression and thrived through the decades to become New Zealand’s crowd-favourite biscuit.

90 years later, Kiwis are still consuming and buying close to 107 million Gingernuts a year. Griffin’s is incredibly proud to have been the makers and bakers of this iconic delight for New Zealanders for the last 150 years.