Hawke’s Bay’s iconic Rush Munro’s has a new owner and a new look.

Leading Hawke’s Bay grower, John Bostock has owned Rush Munro’s for nearly 20 years and is pleased to be handing the reins of New Zealand’s oldest ice cream manufacturer to Rush Munro’s general manager, Vaughan Currie.

“We are delighted that we have sold to a Hawke’s Bay family who is passionate about Rush Munro’s and its rich history. We have resisted many international opportunities and are so pleased that it will stay in local hands," said Bostock.

“We have preserved the iconic brand for almost two decades but it is now time to pass this on. We have always ensured that we used only natural ingredients and the same recipes that were created 93 years ago.”

Rush Munro’s has always been privately owned, starting with Frederick Charles Rush Munro and then two other owners, John Coulton and Alastair McSporran before Hawke’s Bay grower and exporter John Bostock bought the business in 2001.

Over the last 18 years John Bostock has successfully spread Rush Munro’s ice cream throughout the country into supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and ice cream parlours and has played a big role in growing the Rush Munro's brand in New Zealand.

Currie has been the general manager of Rush Munro’s for the last two years and is excited about owning the Hawke’s Bay icon, which continues to delight New Zealanders and tourists from around the world.

“Its amazing to pick up where John has left off. We will continue to be true to the Rush Munro’s brand that local Hawke’s Bay people know and love.”

Currie has spent over 20 years in the FMCG Industry and now lives in Hawke’s Bay with his wife and two children. His wife Sharon owns a Pilates business “Be Pilates” and she and the children are looking forward to helping out in the shop when they can.

“Rush Munro’s will continue to be a family run business where we are all hands on deck and we keep with tradition to ensure the Rush Munro’s experience is a special one.”

He has wasted no time in adding his own touch. Currie has renovated the parlour to make it more customer friendly and added some memorabilia, so people can take a trip down memory lane.

“In summer we have massive queues out the door and down the street. Our new renovation will enable us to serve ice cream faster and more efficiently and we can add more flavours to the mix.”

Rush Munro’s will be increasing its flavour range from 25 to 36 flavours including the premium traditional flavours as well as organic and sorbet.

“We are currently exploring a non-dairy ice cream with no sugar, so there really should be something for everyone with our extensive new offering,” said Currie.

For 93 years the Rush Munro’s parlour has been a Hawke’s Bay institution, selling hand-made, batch-churned ice cream, in single or double scoops, piled high into a peaked cone, or served on a dish with a silver spoon.

The Rush Munro’s gardens and fish ponds have created life long memories for generations and the Currie family is looking forward to keeping these alive for further generations.