Almost a month after Pepsi debuted their now infamous and spectacularly tone-deaf ‘Jump In’ ad, Heineken has stepped in to show how a multi-national company can deal with social issues in a tasteful manner. The Pepsi ad, which appropriated Black Lives Matter iconography and saw model Kendall Jenner defuse a potentially violent protest with a can of Pepsi, was slammed by the online community. Pepsi reacted by pulling the ad immediately and releasing a statement of apology, while Jenner has remained silent.

In a world still reeling from the rise of Trump and the shock of Brexit, political opinions are polarising and vehemently defended from behind keyboards and computer screens. Heineken tries to counter this through showing three pairs of people, each holding opposite political views, build a bar together, before revealing their opinions and giving them the option of sitting down and drinking a beer together. The ad is in stark contrast to the supposed trivialising of social issues in the Pepsi ad, and Heineken is being widely praised for the response.