Tonzu Vegan Sausages are the only vegetarian/vegan sausages that are BioGrow Certified Organic. The vegan friendly plant-based products are handcrafted using stoneground activated soybeans that are transformed into amazingly versatile vegan sausages. Proudly made in New Zealand, the product uses only natural ingredients and are high in protein, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Its classic mild Italian herb flavour is simply delicious. Spice up your shelf with its new delicious garlic and chilli flavour sausages! A great healthy alternative to the traditional meaty sausage, they are handcrafted from stoneground activated whole soybeans and lightly flavoured with warming chilli and earthy garlic. It can be enjoyed as the hero protein of a main meal or simply on its own. Sage and onion give a fresh twist to its amazing range of vegan sausages, so delicious for a light lunch or dinner with coleslaw or a salad.

For more information contact 09 835 3617 or www.tonzu.co.nz