Hong Kong leaders take notes from New Zealand’s organic sectors

A group of organic growers, retailers, certification managers, and government officials from Hong Kong paid New Zealand a five-day visit to check out the state of our organic produce, and the approach to growing the organic sector in New Zealand. The tour was designed to encompass and profile urban farming, retail, wholesale, inter-generational business and corporate approaches to growing the organic sector in New Zealand, according to Brendan Hoare, Managing Director from Buy Pure New Zealand. The tour group was led by Jonathon Wong, Head and Professor of the Department of Biology at Hong Kong Baptist University and Director of the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. Professor Wong and Hoare had been communicating for over 12 years.

Brendan Hoare said, “Our company is very conscious that New Zealand has a unique appeal and cultural approach to organic that the world is interested in. Our job is to showcase our expertise and communicate our style to an interested world and make sure we ‘hit the mark’ by delivering our story in a way that resonates. Our Hong Kong guests loved what they saw, heard, tasted, and felt.”

The participants felt as though the New Zealand way of life and the emphasis we place on organic values are closely linked. The physical appearance of the certified organic properties and business facilities reflected this. Kiwi farmers and businessmen and women are passionate about what they do, and this reflects in their product. Hong Kong has a population of over seven million, with a staggering 60 million tourists. They are yet to realise the potential of capturing the market for its certified organic, local products.

“The insight was so valuable for us,” Professor Wong said, “The Kiwi farmers and business people were so passionate about what they did that it reflected not only in the quality of the product but their lifestyle. We could not help but feel slightly envious. If we could capture that enthusiasm and market our own wonderful certified organic products, we would benefit from this greatly."