More than half of all wallets and purses in the South Island now carry a New World Clubcard.  The loyalty programme, first launched in July 2014, now exceeds 500,000 members from the Mainland. And, the key reason they’ve signed up in droves is their ability to collect Fly Buys points, or earn Airpoints Dollars TM and to make considerable savings on day to day purchases. 

Steve Anderson, CEO Foodstuffs South Island is keen to point out the extraordinary success of the programme.

“Scan rates for Clubcard are among the highest for a loyalty program internationally.  We are clearly getting it right as 87 percent of sales at New World South Island stores are accompanied by a Clubcard scan at checkout.  82 percent of this spend earns our customers Fly Buys points, while the remaining 18% earn Airpoints Dollars.  It’ll be interesting to see whether this pans out the same way in the North Island, where Foodstuffs launched Clubcard in October 2016," said Anderson.

“Loyalty programmes have changed dramatically and for the better; it’s no longer about rolling out the same offer to every member regardless of their demographic, location or spend.  Now it’s about tailoring personalised offers which reflect a customer’s behaviour, needs and interests.

“For example, well over half of our Clubcard customers tell us they like us to help them meet special dietary requirements either for themselves or someone in their household with offers that suit.  Low fat, low sugar, gluten free and preservative free are the four most common diet preferences and requirements, while veganism is a fast growing segment.  Understanding this and responding with offers which resonate, means we are more relevant and our customers engage with us on a deeper level.  We appreciate them; they appreciate us.”

Social and environmental responsibility is also becoming more important to New World shoppers.  88 percent of customers are trying to minimise waste and more customers are looking for free range, fair trade and ethical product choices in-store.  “The data we’re collating enables us to channel our energies into the right areas of the business."

“The data we’re collating enables us to channel our energies into the right areas of the business."

Among the 70,000,000 Clubcard transactions made to date in the south is $270,000, 000 worth of savings thanks to in-store Club Deals.  “Customers have responded very positively both to the tailored offers we’ve made based on the information they have shared with us, and the way we’ve sharpened our pencil in store."

“When it comes down to it, value for money and best quality fresh food are the most important factors determining where people shop, but New World Clubcard is showing how we can have an even deeper relationship with our customers, which will keep them coming back again and again.”