IncaFé Organic Coffee – Quality Coffee With Integrity

IncaFé Organic Coffee - Quality Coffee With Integrity

IncaFé Organic Coffee is New Zealand's first 100% organic and fairtrade-certified coffee roaster and has been since 2007. The New Zealand owned and operated family business is proud to have been certified as carboNZero since 2008, with all its activities including its whole supply chain of the coffee beans from mainly Lima, Peru to the stores being CO2 neutral. It has won many awards at the NZ Coffee Festival, including the Supreme award.

Packed in 200g Econic Kraft compostable bags the brand offers now unique packaging without petroleum-based foil.

It also offers a unique, full flavoured organic- and fairtrade-certified Decaf coffee. The organic decaffeination process is unique in the world. It does not only leave more flavour in the coffee it also effectively reduces 99.97% of the caffeine content, which is well below the European standard.

The team at IncaFé Organic Coffee sources high altitude, hand-picked and shade-grown organic coffee directly from organic fairtrade-certified farmers in Peru and Sumatra. As a result, they can minimise their own costs, enabling them to pay the growers better than the fairtrade minimum and offer a premium coffee with a strong bush to cup integrity and quality assurance. 

When consumers choose IncaFé Organic Coffee they can rest assured they are getting a consistent premium coffee and are directly contributing to the organic coffee growing communities, combat climate change and reduction of petroleum-based plastic packaging, as well as helping to preserve the environment and biodiversity at growing countries.

IncaFé Organic Coffee meets all criteria from the modern consumer. They are transparent about their business model, offering superior quality, commitment to sustainability at a very competitive price level.

Now is the time to range IncaFé Organic Coffee, with the growing demand for quality and sustainable at-home, coffee. 

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