Austere Skin – Untamed, Natural, Wildness

Living with eczema, acute-dermatitis and psoriasis can seem impossible. The team at Austere Skin believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to try new products and that living with skin conditions shouldn’t impact your daily life.  Although their products can’t cure your allergies or fix your epidermis, it can help to manage, exfoliate, hydrate and showcase your best skin, without the reaction.  The Revive Mask is a unique blend of Chia and Hazelnut Oil, Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Apricot Seeds that will gently polish away dry skin cells and pack intense hydration into the skin revealing it’s natural glow.

The high Vitamin E content in Hazelnut Oil and Aloe Vera helps increase hydration in the outermost layer of the skin and by keeping skin hydrated, vitamin E also helps improve skin elasticity, making it look firm and supple.  The zinc and B vitamins present in Chia Seed Oil levels out the oils in skin, prevents scarring and reduces redness which is often present with sensitive skin.  The Revive Mask is 100% Natural, Free from Nasties, Vegan, and Made in New Zealand.

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