New Zealanders are increasingly looking for specialty health and wellness foods, whether it’s for health, dietary or lifestyle reasons.

Countdown is committed to helping its customers make healthy choices and has today announced that it has dropped the price of more than 25 of its most popular products from the Macro, organics and Free From ranges, making health and wellness easily accessible and more affordable for Kiwis.

James Walker, General Manager Corporate Affairs said that Countdown has seen significant growth across the whole health category and this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

“The growth has been driven by superfoods, fermented foods, gluten-free products, organics, and reduced sugar and sodium products,“ said Walker.

A recent trend is the rise of vegan and vegetarian products.  According to Roy Morgan Research, just over one in ten Kiwis says they are always or often vegetarian.

“We think the move towards vegan and vegetarian diets, even if it’s just for a day a week, will continue to increase and will influence and create even more new product development in this category.  Many of our Macro range products such as white and black chia seeds, LSA, organic flour and a range of nuts,  all complement a vegan, vegetarian and a healthier diet."

“Our research tells us that healthy food seekers are often travelling to several different stores to get all their intended products for the week. It’s our aim to bring all these products together in one cost-effective place within our stores, rather than people having to shop around and pay more."

“We also understand how difficult it can be living with a food allergy or intolerance. That’s why we’ve developed a delicious range of Free From alternative products such as gluten-free flour, biscuits and gluten-free tortillas, to ensure you don’t have to compromise on quality or taste."

Last year, Countdown set its own health and nutrition targets, as part of the wider efforts of government and industry to address health challenges in New Zealand.  Dropping the price of healthy food is another step closer to these targets.

Walker added that Countdown has already contributed to making healthy food options even more accessible and cost-effective for their customers.

“We already have 181 stores with dedicated health food sections to accommodate growing demand.  We’ve also committed to some ambitious health and nutrition targets, and this year we are continuing to review and reformulate more than 1000 of our own brand products.  Customers will see even more of our own brand products reformulated with less sugar, sodium and fat."

Health and wellness products Countdown has lowered the prices on includes:

  • Macro Chia Seeds

  • Macro LSA

  • Macro Raw Mixed Nuts

  • Macro Australian Almond Meal

  • Macro Organic Self Raising Flour

  • Macro Organic Plain Flour

  • Macro Dry Roasted Almonds

  • Macro Natural Almonds

  • Macro natural Almond Kernels

  • Macro Berry Nut Boost

  • Macro Raw Nibble Mix

  • Macro Goji Berries

  • Macro Walnuts

  • Macro Australian Black and White Chia Seeds

  • Macro Organic Coconut Sugar

  • Free From Gluten Plain Flour

  • Free From Gluten Self Raising Flour

  • Free From Gluten Pizza Dough Mix

  • Free From Gluten Tortilla Corn

  • Free From Gluten Banana Bread Mix

  • Free From Gluten Chocolate Brownie Mix

  • Free From Gluten Pancake Buttermilk Mix

  • Free From Gluten Biscuit Chocolate Creme

  • Free From Gluten Gingernut Biscuits

  • Free From Gluten Mint Creme Biscuit

  • Free From Gluten Chocolate Chip Biscuits