Killinchy Gold Unveils New Dairy-Free Range

Spoons at the ready, Killinchy Gold has crafted something exceptional to share just in time for summer. Discover Killinchy Gold’s new Dairy Free range, proudly made right here in New Zealand with Harraway’s Oats.

Killinchy Gold has worked closely with Harraway’s Oats to craft a delicious, oat based, vegan certified ice cream. Made using pure, natural ingredients the four flavours, Mint Chocolate, Chocolate Hokey Pokey, Salted Caramel & Cashew and Strawberry and Boysenberry are sure to be freezer favourites.

The move to expand into dairy free ice cream follows the rise in non-dairy, vegan and free-from alternatives. A recent survey commissioned by Killinchy Gold found that two out of three consumers look for dairy free alternatives while shopping and 30 percent of Kiwis want to reduce their dairy intake.

“People are looking for dairy free alternatives and we’ve worked closely with Harraway’s Oats to create the perfect oat based, vegan certified ice cream, while maintaining our high quality Killinchy Gold standard. We use local ingredients and pride ourselves in being the Masters of Premium New Zealand ice cream and this new range really lives up to that," said Emerald Foods, CEO Trevor Pickard.