In response to shortages across the country Hamilton-based brewery, Good George Brewing is switching some of its distillery to make hand sanitiser.

On its website, Good George stated, “The world needs hand sanitiser more than it needs gin right now, so we’ve converted our distillery to produce a high strength hand rub formulation according to the World Health Organisation’s recipe guidelines.”

On its social media, it announced that it had been a busy weekend for the brewing company with its first trial batch a success and ready for bottling.

And Good George Brewing isn’t the only one stepping up to fill the sanitiser void.

In a global trend, boutique distilleries are diversifying in response to the pandemic and subsequent hand sanitiser shortage by switching production from vodka and gin to the sought-after product.

Auckland based distillery CarbonSix began making hand sanitiser a month and a half ago. The sanitiser has been available at Chemist Warehouse stores, but the company is now focussing on supplying health professionals only.

Wildkiwi distillery in Upper Hutt will be using its still to produce alcohol-based sanitising liquid, while gin distillery Reid + Reid Gin is trialling the production of sanitiser in its Wairarapa distillery.

Cardrona Distillery has been offering free hand sanitiser to local businesses and individuals to help keep the community safe.

The effort of these distilleries is proof of the true Kiwi spirit: New Zealanders getting stuck in and helping fellow New Zealanders.