The latest Canstar Blue survey has revealed that 66 percent of consumers prefer to use an operator checkout instead of self-service. The satisfaction report surveyed more than 2,500 New Zealanders about their supermarket shopping habits.

The report also revealed that New Zealander's are divided when it comes to customer loyalty programmes, with 46 percent of participants stating that they feel loyalty schemes offer good additional value.

Some of us are creatures of habit, with 45 percent of those surveyed always pushing the trolley at the same supermarket, while 27 percent are happy to travel further to get to their preferred supermarket.

The report also revealed that 25 percent of Kiwis spend less than $100 each week on groceries, just under half (49 percent) spend between $100-199 per week, 19 percent spend between $200-299 each week, four percent spend between $300-399, and just one percent spend more than $400.

Launched in June 2011, Canstar Blue is a customer satisfaction research and ratings business whose core purpose is to help consumers make better purchasing decisions. For this report, the company commissioned Qualtrics to survey New Zealand consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from New Zealanders who currently do grocery shopping for their household and pay the bills – in this case, 2,563 New Zealanders.