This year has seen an extensive change in the supermarket industry with companies choosing to make eco-friendlier and health-conscious alternatives to their products. The latest company to join the growing movement is Australian confectioner – The Natural Confectionery Company.

Over the past three years, the team at The Natural Confectionery Company factory have been working tersely to create a jelly that is lower in sugar but still tastes great, and the team has finally achieved it. With 25 percent less sugar than other leading candy brands, the new 25 percent Less Sugar jellies contain no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

“We know that treats play a special role in people’s lives as a moment of indulgence and fun, and we’re all becoming a bit more focused on well-being and our food choices. The new 25% Less Sugar jellies provide a treat which meets the growing demand for reduced sugar options, without compromising on the great taste or quality that Kiwis’ expect from The Natural Confectionery Co,” said Rohin Rosman, Associate Director for Candy Marketing.

To team are keeping tight-lipped when it comes to the formula used to create the new line of confectionery but have said that some of the sugar has been replaced with a natural fibre. “After hundreds of trials, we managed to create a reduced sugar recipe that still delivers the delicious fruity flavours and soft jelly texture. We’re excited to launch this new range and can’t wait to hear what Kiwis’ think of it,” Mr Rosman added.

The Natural Confectionery Co. 25% Less Sugar Jellies are available in three fruity variants - 25% Less Sugar Snakes, 25% Less Sugar Frogs and 25% Less Sugar Fruit Basket. The range is currently available across all major retailers nationwide.