New Zealand’s iconic energy drink, Lift+, will take on a new identity and become LIVE+ to help Kiwis live out their non-stop thirst for adventure.

Since 1999, Lift+ has been providing maximum energy in New Zealand and cheeky kiwi comedy with its ‘Sharpen Up’ campaigns. That same celebrated Kiwiana has now taken Lift+ outside as LIVE+ to explore New Zealand’s great backyard.

Lift Plus Original may have a new look as LIVE+ Persist, but it still has the same great taste. The LIVE+ family has also grown to include two new flavours, Ignite and Ascend.

To support the launch of LIVE+, there will be retail, digital, and experiential marketing campaigns to help LIVE+ become synonymous with New Zealand’s great outdoors.

Point of sale materials will be distributed nationwide and digital channels will showcase outdoor activities in stunning New Zealand locations. The brand has a new website which will go live on 1st June -, and Instagram page @liveplusenergy. The existing Lift+ Facebook page will transition over to LIVE+.

LIVE+ will also have a dedicated sampling team to visit events around the country to fuel Kiwi’s adventures and try LIVE+ for themselves.