The newly-launched WineCaseNZ app is making it easier for tourists to buy NZ wine. There are over 500 wines to choose from, sourced from more than 100 wineries throughout New Zealand. Users can put together their 12-bottle mixed case and have it shipped home, with more than 40 countries worldwide already involved. The app also offers a fully inclusive service that covers insurance, duties, taxes and guaranteed delivery.

A brainchild of Rick Nelson, the innovative app has been two years in the making and works offline as well, meaning that people can add to their selection even without a data connection.

“I could see there was a gap in the market for people who want a mixed case of wines from their travels,” said Nelson, who has experience as a wine retailer and tourism operator at The Winery in Queenstown.

“Tourists on a wine tour, bike tour or just travelling the country often regret not buying wine at the first place when they know they’ve still got more wineries to visit. Even for Kiwis going back to revisit special wineries isn’t always possible but with the app people just add, edit and adjust wines in the selection as they go.”

The app can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play or