Liquor store

It’s official, now. As initially announced in October, Liquorland has acquired 20 The Mill’s liquor stores throughout the country, six in the South Island and fourteen in the North Island. Foodstuffs confirmed that the purchase has been successfully completed and took effect from November 17. Following the acquisition, Liquorland now accounts for 108 stores nationwide.
Steve Anderson, Foodstuffs managing director, explained that each store will transition to the brand’s owner-operated franchisee model.
“Franchisees are directly responsible for their individual businesses and, with the power of local knowledge, give our stores the edge that can only be achieved through an owner who is wholly invested in the success of the business,” said Anderson.
Liquorland will also play its part, by providing the stores with a number of support services. According to Foodstuffs, no staff have been laid off.