A Circular Plastics Economy

Packaging NZ and Plastics NZ have released a joint statement celebrating the new strategies for moving New Zealand toward a circular plastics economy presented by the Sustainable Business Network.

The two have expressed their commitment to sensible, well-considered and fact-based actions to create a solution that suits both industry and environmental needs. In a statement released by the two corporations, they expressed their positivity for the new ventures. “We totally support the need for a National Strategic Plan and have been advocating for this for some time,” said the pair. “Solutions must be found which suit the New Zealand context.”

Moving against plastic does not necessarily mean moving towards an eco-friendlier packaging model, and the pair remained assured that solutions to environmental problems could be found while still utilising plastic packaging. “Simplified characterisations of packaging as ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘single-use’ ignores the important ability of plastic packaging to safely deliver products to market in perfect condition, across long supply chains, and with lower environmental impact than most other packaging materials,” said the pair.

The two intend to support the brand owner and retail actions to eliminate unnecessary packaging and reduce problematic materials without compromising on health and hygiene practices or Kiwi employment. “We must avoid changes which push manufacturing off-shore, putting New Zealand businesses and jobs at risk, especially where it is clear there will be no net benefit socially, environmentally or economically.”

A circular plastics economy is the ideal situation for these corporations and they have expressed their confidence in this model as well as communicating their understanding of the necessary steps that must be taken to achieve this end goal. “To create such extensive and systemic change we must all work together for a better future.”