To quote the famous book The Little Prince, ‘Essential is often invisible to the eye’, yet no one wants to be reminded of how many bacteria multiply and prosper all around us, unnoticed and unbothered. A safe answer would be: many more than you think, and supermarkets are not immune. Following extensive market research, NZ-owned and operated company Offshoot, has introduced an all-in-one, free standing, antibacterial wet wipe station for both trolley wipes and hand sanitising. These stations can be positioned both smartly and boldly next to the trolley bay and meat sections in any store.

“We started our company four years ago, and this recent launch is a welcome addition to the business,” said Offshoot owner Wesley Binedell. “As people demand easy-to-use hygiene accessories, our wipes and dispensers cater to this need. What’s more, our wipes are alcohol-free, 100 percent plastics recyclable, have a refreshing lemon scent, are NZ accredited for both C31 (surface cleaner) and C44 (sanitiser wipe) and kill 99.9 percent of bacteria with their sanitising power maintaining effectiveness for hours after applying.”

A study conducted by the University of Arizona in 2011 found that 72 percent of trolleys presented traces of Coliforms (faecal bacteria), and half tested positive for the potentially deadly bug E. Coli. Consequences cannot be underestimated, and to make sure the word spreads, Offshoot has enlisted the help of Jeff Johnson as its exclusive contractor for the supermarket sector. New World Devonport has been the first store to adopt Offshoot’s new Hand Hygiene system, and according to owner-operator John Ashton, customers love it. More stores have joined over the past few months.

“From an owners' point of view, it’s all about protecting their customers’ well-being. They can send out a clear message, saying ‘We want you, our customers, to be safe, because we care about you’,” said Binedell.