Seven years ago OOB Organic launched its first Blueberry ice cream. Fast-forward to 2016, OOB now produces an organic ice cream range consisting of 12 different flavours distributed both locally and offshore.
Today, OOB Organic is the only brand that offers certified organic ice cream in the New Zealand market.
“For OOB, organic has always been about providing premium, high-quality products in a competitive food market where quality, taste and health are important to the consumer,” said Erik Tams, sales and marketing manager of OOB Organic.
“We’re 100 percent committed to organic from start to finish, beginning with sustainable farming practices, honest ingredients and an organic certification.”
Growth in the organic category has increased by 23.5 percent year-on-year, proving the successful transition of the organic movement into a mainstream consumer market.
Building on their innovation, OOB Organic has welcomed a new flavour to their ice cream range – Oobie Joobie Ice Cream. The nostalgic favourite has been well received by Kiwis and is available in 850ml, 470ml and 120ml pots.
“The organic food process isn’t always the quickest way of working, but we’re serious about sourcing only the best, natural ingredients in our products. We tried sourcing organic jubes from around the world, but none were suitable for this product. We engaged with a local
manufacturer to develop a jube made with organic ingredients,” Tams said.
OOB Organic now exports its organic ice cream range to China, Singapore and Malaysia and is exploring opportunities in new markets.
Over summer, OOB Organic opens its Orchard Shop to the public offering fresh blueberry blended ice creams and scoops of its classic range. Kiwis can visit at 89 Jones Road, Omaha. To check out OOB Organic’s full organic ice cream range, visit