Dole NZ is reinforcing its commitment to responsible principles through a significant investment in consumer education and a NZ-first sustainability campaign. All Dole fresh pineapples sold in New Zealand now feature the Rainforest Alliance Certifiedᵀᴹ seal. Additionally, the #followthefrog campaign focuses on helping consumers choose responsibly-sourced products.

“When consumers buy a product carrying our green frog seal they are joining us in helping farmers, farm workers and farming communities to protect the environment, to secure a better living, and to build a better future for themselves and their families,” said Stuart Singleton-White, director of external communications at the Rainforest Alliance.

Dole is also creating a six-month campaign with consumer education on food waste at its core, working alongside other well-known NZ brands. The project aims to research solutions to Auckland’s current industrial food waste situation, and the local City Council has committed to it by approving a $10,000 grant.