a man from The Avocado People carries a large crate of avocados

Just like milk in the good old days, avocados are now available for doorstep delivery. The creamy berry has become a household staple for many, so it’s only natural services would pop up to ensure no-one goes without.

Avocado subscription services cost more than the average supermarket avocado, but that’s because the quality is higher – and because consumers don’t have to leave their houses. It costs between $2.20 and $3.50 depending on which delivery service consumers use, which at many times of the year is a reasonable price.

Bay of Plenty avocado growing company The Avo Tree delivers a box of ten avocados for $21.60 plus shipping, which he stated was very popular.

Another appeal for consumers is that avocado deliveries come from New Zealand farms, meaning that although they might spend a little more they’re supporting a local economy.