The label industry understands the importance of sustainability as well as any other industry. As changes in the packaging and plastics industries take place, it is essential for the labelling sector to remain up-to-date with trends and look at ways of becoming ‘greener’. Kiwi Labels’ core promise is to not only make your brand more successful but to protect the environment while doing so. A spokesperson for Kiwi Labels said, “As one of the earliest label converters to be accredited with ISO14001 we aim to eliminate, or—if not completely possible—reduce the effect of our processes have on our surroundings.”

“With the introduction of our latest value proposition, KiwiCYCLE, we have a solution that is a prime example of a circular economy. This will help build our clients reputations with sustainability enhancement. We are excited to bring this label to the market in New Zealand.” Kiwi Labels make it clear that they are committed to continuous improvement of its own processes, prevention of pollution, training of employees in issues relating to the environment, monitoring their progress, and maintaining compliance with ISO 14001.

Not only have Kiwi Labels made increasing efforts in reducing their impact on the environment, but they also aim to develop and utilise the newest, and most eco-friendly technology. “We were one of the earliest users of digital label equipment, with the installation of our Xeikon 3300 in 2010. We have a suite of unique embellishment equipment including our Extended Content Label (ECL) press installed in June 2018. We will also be installing one of the largest Narrow Web label presses in New Zealand in April of this year. We see ourselves as a truly hybrid plant that can cover both small and large runs with some unique finishing capabilities—no job is too big or too small.”

The FMCG market has always been a target for Kiwi Labels. “With the introduction of our ECL equipment and the increased capacity of our new flexographic printing press arriving we are pushing hard to not only be the fastest label converter but have unique label offerings that are second to none.”

Kiwi Labels are looking to expand the range of sustainable products and offerings they can provide. “As a HACCP Food safe, ISO9001 & ISO14001 manufacturing plant we understand the importance of high quality, food safe, environmentally sustainable labels. Under our ‘Enviroguard’ suite of products available, we will be introducing Biodegradable, Compostable, FSC and PEFC certified materials in 2019.” There are also developments being made around food safety and ways in which full wrap labelling solutions can retain a brand and enhance both shelf visibility and food visibility.