Leighton Muir

Talley's has pled guilty of failing to ensure the safety of its employees while at work, following a gruesome incident that saw a 24-year-old crewman, Leighton Muir, being decapitated by a broken rope. The fishing company has been fined $73,520 and ordered to pay $21,000 reparations to Muir’s family.
The man was working on a tuna vessel in July 2014 when a 50mm safety rope snapped and cut off his head. Nelson District Court was told that the same rope had already broken once, but had been repaired instead of being replaced. Blame was placed on crew members.
“Neither of these officers have worked for the company since Leighton’s death and have refused to return to New Zealand and cooperate with the investigation, company or relevant authorities,” said Talley’s Group in a statement. “By operation of law, the company is ultimately and legally responsible for those failings by senior officers.”