Casey Eden

NZ neighbourhood website Neighbourly.co.nz has recently welcomed FreshChoice and SuperValue into its family of corporate partnerships. Launched in 2014 to connect neighbours throughout New Zealand, with more than 295,000 households already using it, the location-based social media platform has found in both supermarket brands a like-minded partner.

“These are two Kiwi brands that encapsulate the meaning of local,” said Casey Eden, co-founder of Neighbourly. “We love partnering with businesses which are independently owned and operated. As well as directly supporting their local communities, FreshChoice and SuperValue by their very nature provide a place for neighbours to connect.”
As a result of this new partnership, Neighbourly has activated an invite-and-win campaign, and will be gifting its members FreshChoice and SuperValue vouchers as they bring new neighbours on board. Special campaigns will also be launched soon.

“Neighbourly is still a new digital platform, but it’s a great way for companies to get additional exposure and to tell their stories. It’s not particularly easy to be hyperlocal, and to market yourself at a hyperlocal level, and yet these stores really are,” said Eden.

The original social network, he added, was the neighbourhood, and as we are becoming less connected to our local communities, Neighbourly aims to inspire and get people interacting in the real world. ‘When neighbours connect, good things happen’, the company statement sums it all, and in that space marketing opportunities abound.
“If community is the slightest bit important for business, Neighbourly is a great place to be,” he said. “Finding unique ways for our members to interact with one another through partner initiatives is something we really value.”