Sean Armstrong, director of Loaf Handcrafted Bread, has spoken about product innovation in the latest FGC Leaders Series video interview, saying that the biggest challenge for small to medium businesses is making sure they stay true to what they believe in.

“Don’t put anything in front of anybody that you wouldn’t eat or buy or sell yourself. You can’t sell something if you’re not going to eat it or you’re not prepared to buy it. So we want to make sure that when we get something in front of people that it’s honest, it’s true to what we believe,” Armstrong said.

The biggest driver of innovation for Loaf, he added, had come from listening to their staff and customers, and then going with their instinct.
“When we are developing new products we look at basic things – the category, what the size is doing, do we believe there’s room for growth, what’s been happening overseas, are there new raw materials we can put into those products to zoosh it up and make it a bit special.

“But a lot of it, to be honest, is gut feel. There’s nothing better than sitting in a room of people and you create something and they go ‘man, that’s just like what I had 20 years ago when I walked into Grandma’s kitchen’ - that sort of thing. You can’t beat that.”

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