“Every dairy brand has an ice cream and, being a creamery, ours needs to be the creamiest,” said Lewis Road founder, Peter Cullinane, in presenting his own ‘Premium’ and ‘Artisan’ ice cream ranges. “It is the combination of taste that helps set our ice creams apart, making them as good as, or even better than homemade.”
An exciting addition to the brand’s assortment of dairy products, Lewis Road Creamery Premium Ice Cream and Lewis Road Creamery Artisan Ice Cream will hit the shelves on Friday, February 12.

LEWIS ROAD (caitlan)

Each flavour stands out for its quality. The Premium range comes in three variants (Hokey Pokey, Chocolate and Vanilla) and incorporates the finest natural, locally sourced ingredients; real vanilla extract and vanilla seeds, crunchy hokey pokey kibble, decadent chocolate ganache and 70% dark cocoa dark chocolate. All recipes have been developed on Cullinane’s home churn and then produced at Talley’s in Motueka, in partnership with The Dollop Kitchen’s co-founder, Julia Crownshaw.
“It was this homemade feel we set out to recreate and so we worked closely with Julia to develop an extra-creamy ice cream that would let the quality ingredients shine,” said Cullinane.

LEWIS ROAD 2 (caitlan)

Handcrafted in small batches, the Artisan range launches with a single flavour, Rose, to be joined by other botanically-inspired variants such as lavender and orange blossom. Made, packed and labelled entirely by hand, this artisan ice cream contains whole milk, organic cream, free range egg yolk and pure rose extract, with a finishing touch of edible freeze-dried rose petals.
“We loved the idea of a botanicals range of artisan ice creams. Rose, launched to coincide with Valentine’s Day, is the first in a collection with more floral-inspired flavours to come later this year,” said Cullinane.