Every day eight NZ women are likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, yet 30 percent of eligible women aren’t enrolled in free screening and 60 percent of young women don’t know the signs beyond a lump.

To raise awareness of this health issue, and after recently losing a staff member to Breast Cancer, Loscam’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has decided that the Breast Cancer Foundations in Australia and New Zealand would be worthy recipients of an October fundraising drive. As part of this campaign, called #Loscampinkpallet, Loscam will be issuing a small number of pink pallets—if their customers find one, they can send a photo to pinkpallet@loscam.com with their product and the #Loscampinkpallet, showing the Pink Pallet number.
For each registration, the first photo shared will result in a $100 donation from Loscam to the Breast Cancer Foundations in Australia or New Zealand; $10 will be donated for each subsequent share.

“Unfortunately, breast cancer has touched most families; here at Loscam we have lost grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters and aunties, as well as friends and workmates,” a company’s spokesperson told SupermarketNews. “We would love everyone to keep an eye out for these in their Supply Chain and, if you see them, take a photo and send it through. Loscam is proud to support the wonderful New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation in their work to raise awareness, support those fighting breast cancer and their families and save lives through breast health education.”