Milligans Food Group has been operating in Oamaru since 1896.
2016 was Milligans’ 120th year in business and, according to account manager Max Riedel, its most successful to date. Since starting out as a flour mill, Milligans has diversified over the years to become one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of food ingredients, animal nutrition and consumer food products.
As part of this growth and expansion, the company acquired the Granny Faye’s brand in 2004 and the Frosty Boy brand in 2007. “We are looking to keep growing our product range within the NZ market in a way that is innovative and adds benefit to the consumer,” said Riedel. “All of our current challenges are based around managing our rapid growth.”
Committed to providing everyday Kiwis with high-quality products at a fair price, Milligans specialises in a range of products which includes cheese, butter, batter, sauces, whey protein and milk powder. Calcium Enriched 1kg milk powder is the latest addition to the range which includes Whole & Skim. Milligans’ food products are New Zealand-made and provide pure, clean and effective nutrition, with the new Calcium Enriched Milk Powder and Whey Protein being prime examples of this.
Eclipse Calcium Enriched Instant Milk Powder is a completely new product in the NZ market. Calcium is essential for building and maintaining strong bones and has many other health benefits for young and old. Eclipse Whey Protein is made from 100 percent natural New Zealand dairy whey from grass-fed cows. It offers a great source of protein for active people, the elderly or anyone trying to increase their protein intake at an affordable price.
For more information or to see the full range, visit www.milligans.co.nz.