Rise in avocado thefts

The avocado shortage that has seen individual fruits retailing for as much as $12.50 has led to a rise in theft for on-selling, according to police in Gisborne.

Senior Sergeant Alasdair MacMillan told Newshub that people should steer clear of anybody offering them the fruit for a low price. “By purchasing or on-selling any stolen avocados, it only encourages thefts to continue. We would encourage people to support their local orchardists and fellow business owners and not purchase stolen goods.”

According to one avocado grower, who spoke to the Gisborne Herald about the spike in crimes, thieves are likely to be disappointed with their haul, as many of the avocados being stolen are in the early stages of a new season and would, therefore, be watery to eat. Avocado aficionados can look forward to a drop in prices soon, as the new season of fruit will be ripe and available in shops this month.