Natural Sugars - Karl Carey (Commercial Manager), Peta Logan (Key Account Manager), Hamish Gordon (MD) & Nutrition Innovation's - Andrew Higgs (Country Manager - ANZ)

Natural Sugars has partnered with Nutrition Innovation to bring healthier sugar to Kiwis. “Nucane – the good sugar” is a family of natural, healthier, low glycemic sugars that tangibly help in the fight against obesity and diabetes.

“Launching Nucane within our sugar portfolio brings a new standard of quality to our raw sugar offer, providing our customers with a healthier, less refined, industrial low glycemic sugar solution”, said Natural Sugars CEO Hamish Gordon. “Feedback from food and beverage manufacturers has been positive, with reports of sugar reduction and better tasting products”.

The launch in New Zealand builds on Nutrition Innovation’s success with other major sugar producers in Australian, Brazilian, Thai, Malaysian and African markets.

“Nucane helps combat the global obesity and diabetes epidemic, by giving people and brands a new and healthier option for the food and beverages we enjoy every day”, said Nutrition Innovation Group’s New Zealand country manager, Andrew Higgs. “For over a decade, Natural Sugars have been leaders in sourcing high-quality ingredients, and we are excited to partner with them to help make New Zealand a healthier place”.

Nucane can be used in all forms of food & beverages including retail, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods & quick service restaurants.  Nucane is currently being used in product applications by food manufactures in eight countries.  It is poised to be an incredibly important part of the global health solution and help revolutionise a US$100 billion market.