The secret to a healthier diet lies in the ability to identify treats and snacks, said food and nutrition expert Nikki Hart in her second video commissioned by the NZ Food & Grocery Council.
Entitled ‘Snacks vs Treats’, the four-minute video shows that all foods and beverages can fit a person’s needs, as long as the intake is balanced. In other words, people should combine moderation and physical activity, rather than classifying food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
“If your diet is already meeting your energy needs, then you don’t need to add snacks to your usual pattern of eating. But there are many groups where snacking can be a useful way to meet their needs, for example active children and adolescents who need extra energy,” said Hart. “The bottom line is that smaller snacking is smarter snacking.”
‘Snacks vs Treats’ is the second of a four-part series; the first chapter, ‘Energy Balance and the Complexity of Obesity’, was published in late 2015. Other videos will be launched in coming weeks, focusing on smart shopping for healthier foods and eating to live healthier for longer.
Katherine Rich, FGC chief executive, explained that this series aims to build food literacy among consumers.
“It’s about putting nutrition knowledge into practice, and Nikki brings together research and experience,” said Rich. “This series is just one of the ways the food and beverage industry is helping to reduce obesity. We are part of the solution, and many of our member companies are working to reduce portion sizes, by reformulating products to reduce energy, saturated fat, salt and sugar.”