Supermarkets know every marketing trick to influence their customers’ shopping behaviours, as revealed in a recent report by the UK Groceries Code Adjudicator.
Little is left to chance, starting with the store layout. As research found out, people are inclined to spend more when moving around in a clockwise direction; most stores design their floor plan accordingly. Moreover, the products targeting kids are always placed at their eye level.
As a general rule of thumb, the longer shoppers stroll through the aisles, the higher the odds that they will purchase more items. Flowers and bright colours at the entrance help consumers feel immediately at ease, encouraging them to spend more time in-store. Another powerful technique to increase sales is to hide the essentials, like bread and milk, in hard-to-reach spots. Music also has a positive impact, and songs with rhythms slower than the average heartbeat are said to be the most effective of all.