Jason Haskell (New-World Hillcrest), third place; Mikayla Piripi (New World Hillcrest), first place; and Daniell -Hoyle (New World Matamata), second place.

New World Hillcrest must be really proud of its young checkout operators. Two of them, Mikayla Piripi and Jason Haskell, have been respectively rated as the first and third best Foodstuffs' checkers in the Waikato, with Danielle Hoyle from New World Matamata scoring the second place.

Over 120 checkout operators have taken part in this regional competition, one of ten being held across the North Island, with the hope to take home the title of overall Foodstuffs North Island Checker of Year.

A panel of eight senior Foodstuffs' staff judged the competitors against their speed, customer service, presentation and accuracy as they scanned 30 products. The top twelve checkers received a $50 gift card, while the three finalists also took home extra prizes.

The overall winner will be announced at the Foodstuffs North Island Excellence Awards on 26 November.

Mikayla Piripi, New World Hillcrest, first place

Mikayla Piripi, New World Hillcrest, first place