Loscam’s Two Year Anniversary Here

PALLET rental company Loscam, celebrates its second anniversary in New Zealand this month. Business Manager  Nick Trask said “This is a significant milestone for our company. After several years of planning, our entry in 2011 has been flawless.

Over the past two years we have seen our customer base grow to include some of New Zealand’s best known brands. We are  now the preferred supplier to major retailers and offer services from our 17 depots around New Zealand”. “Breaking a monopoly is never easy and we have had our fair share of challenges. From counterfeit pallets to ambit legal claims and some  outrageous rumours, we have taken it all in our stride,” he said.

“Our owners, China Merchants Group, have  brought very deep pockets to our overseas expansion plans. As one of the worlds largest investors and operators of ports and other large infrastructure assets, they are comfortable with the time taken to generate returns from new ventures. In fact, we are looking at making further investments  here in the plastics returnable sector as well as bulk containers to help our manufacturing customers” said Nick.

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