With consumers today wanting to know more about where and how products are made the provenance trend is rapidly increasing in popularity. Buy New Zealand Made is the Kiwi trademark relied upon by over 1,200 New Zealand manufacturers to differentiate their products and services in New Zealand and with key trading partners such as United States, China, India, UK and Australia.

A Certificate of Licence grants a business the right to label its products and services with the iconic Kiwi trademark. But it goes beyond just a logo and the trust and authenticity Kiwis place in it, it speaks to who we are as New Zealanders and how we conduct business.

Established in 1988, the iconic trademark is used as a significant marketing tool for businesses. When products carry the registered Kiwi trademark, consumers can be confident that the country of origin is New Zealand.

Seventy-two percent of New Zealanders try to buy NZ-made products according to a recent Newshub survey, and the logo gives new businesses a competitive edge by tapping in to consumer loyalty for NZ Made that helps promote their growth.

From a global perspective, consumers on average evaluate products with a New Zealand country of origin favourably alongside intrinsic purchasing drivers.

Ryan Jennings has joined the New Zealand Made team as its executive director and looks forward to helping more businesses grow and utilise the NZ Grown trademark, particularly in the food and beverage sector.

“We have great opportunities for growth in New Zealand in the food and beverage sector. There is the ability to come up with a product and take it to the farmer’s market to test the market and sell it without too many inhibitors. New Zealand Grown is a way of reinforcing your provenance story with customers.”

Consumers are caring about what they are consuming more than ever before and not all of the incumbents are adapting to those needs either because it isn’t in their best interest or they are doing well already. “If a new brand or brand extension can come up with a product that satisfies those needs and has a good understanding of accessing various platforms, particularly in digital, to communicate with an audience, their ability to grow at a faster rate than their cash burn has never been easier.”

Jennings believes there is also an opportunity for brands and businesses in New Zealand to take advantage of free trade agreements, and while it may only be a small order to a chain of restaurants offshore, it may be the equivalent of what the brand can produce in New Zealand and help to build the capital needed for growth.

New Zealand’s iconic Buy New Zealand Made trademark is now available as a website widget and brings an array of benefits to online retailers and Jennings believes that more businesses will see accelerated digital discovery via the raised prominence of NZ Made. “It’s difficult to secure a trademark logo on the internet so we’ve launched the New Zealand Made site widget that makes it easier for consumers to check whether a New Zealand Made logo is legitimate,” said Jennings.

New Zealand Made Day is coming up on November 21 and is dedicated to Kiwis giving Kiwis great deals on products they are making. It is the one day a year that Kiwis are asked to buy at least one New Zealand Made item they perhaps haven’t tried before and Jennings would like to see more supermarkets get on board and help consumers to easily identify and locate products. “Some brands have even supplied point of sale marketing material for retailers to use alongside products. It’s a chance for retailers to run promotions and make it easy for Kiwis to choose NZ Made.”

For more information on how you can get involved and support local, call 04 496 6284 or visit

Below are just some of the amazing brands and business that are part of Buy NZ Made.

High up in the coastal mountains of Rotorua, above altitudes of 4920 feet, worker bees collect sweet nectar from the manuka ‘Mother Tree’ to make Richora prized manuka honey, infused with earthy, complex and aromatic flavours. A jar of manuka honey is nature’s special wonder.

The name Richora stands for abundance, satisfaction, good health and wellness, and represents the nature and culture of Rotorua. Richora Products carry the NZ Made and Fernmark symbols, certifying the range as licensed New Zealand products. Importantly, Richora also carries the UMF® (Unique Manuka Factor) trademark, proving the product is genuine manuka honey. Every product has a number identifying the compounds of characteristics of the honey, through the UMF Honey Association, as well as its traceability. Richora is committed to developing more premium manuka honey skincare and oral care products for all consumers in the world.

Richora Manuka Honey
Icing International Limtied
420-423 Ngongotaha Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3010
Tel: 07 349 1694

Based in Oamaru, North Otago, Whitestone Cheese Co. was founded in 1987 by Bob and Sue Berry. The company has consistently been ranked as one of New Zealand’s best cheesemakers, winning nine medals at the 2019 Food Producer Awards, including three gold medals, five silvers, and one bronze. Whitestone Cheese Co. continues to run as a 100 percent family-owned operation in Oamaru, where their team of cheesemakers continues to advance their skills in producing world-class cheeses. 

“Whitestone’s success is largely due to having incredible raw materials on our back doorstep,” said managing director Simon Berry. “Our geographic location means we have a fantastic water supply which runs directly from the glaciers of Mount Cook to irrigate our pastures. Our limestone soils are rich in minerals and produce world-class milk. We have the luxury of extremely efficient local farmers and great local staff.” 

Skinny Fizz’s product is simply two ingredients; sparkling water and a splash of New Zealand fruit. wrapped up in an endlessly recyclable aluminium can, that’s all that goes into Skinny Fizz. A convenience product that’s both skinny on the consumer and the skinny on the environment doesn’t need to come with an inflated ego – or price point for that matter. Skinny Fizz is changing the way Kiwis look at sustainability and responsible consumption. 

Clean, green and NZ-made is no longer posh or fancy - it’s just what consumers expect. Skinny Fizz is a simple answer to a need for refreshment. Along with key local partners the Native Forest Restoration Trust, Basketball NZ, and Diabetes NZ, Skinny Fizz is here for a couple of things. Sharing love for yourself, each other and this earth while cracking into some refreshingly real Skinny Fizz. 

Say hello to the highest quality and most stylish kombucha on the market. Jiva is the Sanskrit word for “life”, and that’s exactly what each bottle of Jiva’s artisan kombucha is filled with. Jiva will always strive to having the most natural, probiotic-rich kombucha on the market.

Jiva makes all their kombucha in small batches, lovingly hand poured into individual glass bottles in Auckland, using only 100 percent pure pressed fruit and spices to create their popular kombucha flavours. After the fermentation takes place, Jiva kombucha becomes a delicious drink that is naturally low in sugar and has approximately only 25 calories per 100ml.

A cold press style kombucha, Jiva Kombucha is available in Watermelon & Mint, Ginger, Pineapple, Original, and coming soon in Pomegranate. 

Facebook: Jiva Kombucha NZ



Harraways Oats in Dunedin has been the trusted oat brand of New Zealanders for over 150 years now. As New Zealand’s market leader in bagged oat products, Harraways proudly supports local South Island oat growers who provide only the finest quality oats for the company’s product range. Despite its longevity, Harraways does not rest on its laurels – in 2019 the company refreshed its packaging, introduced compostable film, a first within the oats category in New Zealand, for some of its range. It also launched a new savoury beer snacking range in the form of Harraways HARR-OS(R); the Indian Spice variant won the best new product in the 2019 Outstanding Food Producers Awards. The full Harraways range is available at participating New World and Pak N Save stores, with Countdown, Fresh Choice and Super Value stores supporting its famous oat bag ranges.

For enquiries, contact

Only a handful of major confectionery brands are still made in New Zealand, and many traditional lollies that people grew up enjoying have changed dramatically over the years. It seems everyone is trying to cut corners, and shoppers are increasingly expressing frustration at recipe changes, fewer product in packages, and higher prices. Rainbow Confectionery offers nostalgic recipes like Chocky Fish, Pineapple Chunks, Jelly Beans, and Classic Milk Bottles – made with real milk – all at affordable prices for shoppers and with great margins for retailers. Rainbow products are gluten and nut-free, and proudly made in Oamaru. Rainbow Awesome Value brand now has a new look, featuring bold graphics and a large logo for better on-shelf visibility. Rainbow urges retailers to stay committed to NZ Made suppliers and encourage shoppers to spend their hard-earned money on NZ Made products. 

Made with grass-fed beef and no artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, or added nitrates, Bootleg Jerky is high in protein, low in fats, carbs, and sugar, and ideal for the Family with a capital ‘F’. Bootleg Jerky is hand made in Auckland; pure, 100% grass-fed New Zealand beef is soaked for days in all-natural ingredients before being dried to perfection to produce a mouth-watering treat for any meat lover. 

Bootleg Jerky’s recipes switch out the preservatives and artificial flavours for real ingredients, blended perfectly to create unique, bold flavours. The team behind the brand have spent countless hours perfecting their recipes and processes to create the best jerky around – so get in on it before it’s outlawed.

Newly Weds Foods New Zealand are proud to produce products that bring a “world of flavours to the New Zealand consumer” under the Global Cuisine range, which continues to bring innovative and quality products to the NZ consumer.

The Simmer Sauce provides a broad range of flavours to suit every palate, including Thai Yellow, Thai Red, Massaman Curry, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tuscany Sauce, Cottage Pie, Moroccan, Butter Chicken, Sweet n Sour, and Devilled Sausages. 

Global Cuisine was the original burger sauce to hit the New Zealand market and remains popular to this day. Newly Weds Foods have further added to this range with the smoky, sweet Memphis BBQ Sauce, whilst for the more adventurous the spicy Sriracha Burger sauce is sure to kick taste buds back into life.