MenuAid Model Well Received by Consumers

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Co-founders Toby Skilton and Elise Hilliam
These two have always been passionate about food and love creating fresh, exciting and nutritious meals, but with both living busy lives, they soon found themselves in a food rut where they kept looping back to a few select favourites or opting for takeaways. Each Sunday they would sit down and spend hours flicking through cookbooks and online recipes to plan their menu for the week. They finally concluded that there must be a way to enjoy the fun of cooking without the hassle of planning out their weekly menu.

And so MenuAid was born.

With meal-kit delivery providers being a costly option they began working on a solution for people like themselves to get access to healthy, affordable and delicious meals that are simple to prepare and take the stress out of getting dinner on the table. Pulling together a talented team of professional chefs, experienced food experts and digital gurus they have created a platform that makes mealtimes simple, flexible and more enjoyable. The meal plans are portioned for four servings and are created with ingredient efficiency to reduce food waste.

The MenuAid model provides recipe inspiration and a shopping list that can be adapted and shopped to preference.

“We combined my passion for disruptive technology and Elise’s background in nutrition to create a solution to what turned out to be a problem for many people,” said Skilton.

“We thought we were being audacious saying we would have 1000 ‘MenuAiders’ by the end of 2021, but it was over 3000.”