Mouth-Watering New Flavours!

Sunny Hill is launching three new flavoured sweet potato chips nationwide.

These amazing Stone Roasted Sweet Potato Chips will make your mouth water!

Roast Chicken - busting with the aroma of roast chicken straight out of your hot oven.

BBQ – delivering the sensation of grilling BBQ, the flame, the smoke, the sting of taste buds.

Stone Roasted – filled with enticing caramelised flavour of slowly roasted sweet potatoes by stone stove.

Like other Sunny Hill product lines, what makes these potato chips much healthier than other similar products in the market is that they contain far less fat and retain more natural goodness, therefore more appealing to consumers of health conscious, meeting their demand of healthy snack indulgence.

To retain more natural goodness, these chips were gently cooked with love in small batches at very low temperature to retain more of their nutritional value, natural colour, and great taste.

The result is obvious. Sunny Hill chips are light, crispy, subtly sweet and naturally nutritious.

Once tried, you’ll love it!

The Sunny Hill Crispy Pea Pods are being launched at New World, Pakn’Save and Four Squares. For more information or trade enquiry, contact them by email: