Beer ads have a long history of portraying men as a stereotypical ‘bloke’ – but Speight’s new ad is challenging what it means to be a Kiwi enjoying a beer. Speight’s is introducing a modern approach to the age-old tradition of mates helping each other out, and beer advertising in general. The well-known and iconic ‘Good on ya mate’ tagline has also returned and is the first time it has been used for a number of years.

Moving away from the traditional blokey fodder that beer advertising is known for, ‘The Dance’ follows a group of guys who stay behind after work each night to support their mate learning to dance. The guys become invested in making sure their mate gets it right, and in a heart-warming reveal at the end of the ad, Simon is seen on his wedding day surprising his new wife with a perfect first dance.

Lion national marketing director Craig Baldie said ‘The Dance’ is a modern interpretation of the traditional Speight’s values.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a modern depiction of mates earning themselves a beer, on a heartwarming mission to help Simon make his new wife Tammy’s wedding day perfect. Traditionally, we wouldn’t really see a guy being vulnerable or sticking his neck out for his spouse in an ad for beer,” said Baldie.

“At its core, this ad is about helping a mate out, an idea that has stuck with Speight’s over its long history. ‘The Dance’ recreates an age-old tradition of mates helping mates – and there are some things you can only ask a mate for help with.”

“I think it’s great that Speight’s has moved on from the grumpy ‘man of few words’ stereotypes.  The ad showcases men and how they can overcome their vulnerabilities and insecurities by sharing problems with good mates. Overall, I think it’s telling a story of men who are strong enough to be soft," said Michael Lee, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Auckland University.

“We hope that this modern interpretation of mateship will not only provide a fresh approach to the traditional Speight’s values but also inspire Kiwi mates to be proud of those moments where they go the extra mile for each other," said DDB NZ Executive Director, Shane Bradnick.