Whitestone Cheese have employed historic and centuries old hand-craft cheese making techniques to produce a cheese with texture and flavour yet to be seen in New Zealand. They have evolved their already successful Lindis Pass Brie (1.8 kg) to a consumer-friendly 150g Camembert style, achieving moisture, texture and flavours in a retail-friendly format.

Lindis Pass Camembert’s creamy rich texture and intense earthy flavours are a result of North Otago’s world-class milk production and Whitestone cheesemakers’ artisan hand ladling techniques.

As part of a fully-integrated marketing campaign, Whitestone has also developed a promotional video which describes all the aspects that go into this creation, launched along with 100 free sample packs delivered throughout New Zealand. An easy website,, is to be supported with a comprehensive digital, social and print campaign.

This year cheese lovers are invited to watch the 3.30 minute video to qualify for a sample pack; 10 prize packs will be delivered every week over the 10 weeks leading up to Christmas. Contact: 03 434 8098