New Zealand’s beverage market just got a whole lot juicer with the launch of “The Apple Press”, producers of the “world’s best apple juice”.

Founded by Hawke’s Bay apple grower and businessman Ross Beaton, The Apple Press is a project that has been five years in the making, utilising the 13 000 tonnes of “ugly fruit” (cosmetically blemished apples others reject) that is left in Hawke’s Bay’s orchards.

Beaton started out planting apple trees in Hawke’s Bay back in 1982 and built a successful apple business exporting to 45 countries however despite his success Ross was bothered by that “Ugly Fruit” and determined to do something meaningful with it, he got together with local Food Innovation Specialist Sally Gallagher, and The Apple Press was born.

Their vision was always to make all-natural, quality varietal led apple juice in significant quantities to export, but they couldn’t find a factory with the capability to do it. “So, I thought, I better build it” said Beaton. Today his plot of land in Whakatu, Hastings is home to The Apple Press production facility that boasts some of the finest technology in the world and employs 27 people. An investment of over NZ$30 million, the plant can produce thousands of bottles of the highest quality premium juice per hour.

The Apple Press also goes a step further with the capability to trace the apples back to the orchards they came from, plus it is bottled in 100% recyclable packaging.

The Apple Press gives apple lovers the opportunity to enjoy their favourite Hawke’s Bay apple: Royal Gala, Jazz and Braeburn as single varietal juices with no added sugar or preservatives.

Innovation and quality are at the very core of The Apple Press model and is something Ross and Sally pride themselves on.  “We cold-press the apple once, to capture all of the flavour and aromas of that apple. The Apple Press juice range contains nothing but 100% juice and a boost of Vitamin C with no preservatives and no added sugar. We have the world’s best apples. Why not make the world’s best apple juice? It’s something we’re proud of. Something we stand by.”

The full Apple Press range is:

Royal Gala
Braeburn and Valencia Pulpy Orange
Royal Gala and New Zealand Feijoa
Braeburn and Hawke’s Bay Pear

Available in 350ml and 800ml bottles.

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